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What We Do

Brox Equity invests in natural gas, power generation and data mining farms to allow its portfolio companies to create a sustainable energy market. Allowing our team to increase profitability, conserve energy and make a positive impact on surrounding communities.


Our Approach

We strive to uphold private equity standards, to manage risk and ensure systems and controls through proper corporate governance frameworks. Brox Equity aggregates mineral rights to unlock untapped value from natural gas reserves while address energy surplus/shortage at any given time. 


Our Mission

Continue unlocking value in Canada’s natural gas sector to create a sustainable energy environement for our communities.

About Our Firm

Brox Equity Ltd. (“Brox Equity”) is a Calgary-based investment company that is dedicated to making direct acquisitions into natural gas assets, power generation and data centre operations. Brox is adopting blockchain applications to transform its underlying business into an investible digital-asset for increased profitability and reliable income generation. With the introduction of the Brox Token, a compliant digital security, Brox provides our shareholders a vertically-integrated business with direct exposure to natural gas, electricity and bitcoin.



The CEO Magazine’s Vanessa Eriksson sat down with our CEO, Mohamed El-Masri in Dubai where they discussed Brox Equity’s business model, digital assets, alternative investments, new generational wealth and the road to success.


Brox by the Numbers

Since our inception in early 2020 we have managed to achieve sustainable organic growth. Box Equity’s business has gone from zero to one with a scalable model through our diversified and expert team of professionals.

Million (USD) Invested

MW Power Capacity*

Active Hashrate (PH/s)*

ASIC Capacity*

A Word From Our Executives

“The world is in a constant state of evolution. Dialectical forces acting as contradicting forces, are always decaying one another. We are now entering a new energy era that is required to meet the demands of a newfound digital economy. The traditional methods of marketing natural gas resources have become inefficient. By deploying infrastructure to power blockchain networks we can foster new markets for natural gas and open new investment avenues for proven oil and gas reserves. Brox Equity aims at conserving natural gas and delivering a higher net benefit to our stakeholders and the communities which we serve.” 

Mohamed El-Masri

CEO & Director, Brox Equity Ltd.

 ‘The industry was facing several challenges even before Covid-19 completely changed global economic environment. Many small and mid-cap exploration and production companies are struggling for cash, even though they have quality assets waiting to be developed. Digital transformation, blockchain adoption and power generation are key growth drivers of the oil and gas industry’s future. Our merger with Brox Equity and its affiliation with PermianChain creates a digitally enhanced framework that will create a new market for wasted and stranded natural gas.”

Philip Collins

COO & Director, Brox Equity Ltd.

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