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Brox Token

A first-of-its-kind bitcoin energy security token

We are proud to finally introduce our innovative approach to energy investing. We are committed to the responsible production of bitcoin energy, to power the infrastructure that runs the bitcoin network. With the launch of our Brox Token Offering (“BTO”) we are establishing the standards by which Canada produces efficient energy for environmentally-friendly digital-asset mining. 

The Brox Token is a digital security that represents a class of shares of Brox Equity Ltd., providing diversified exposure to clean natural gas, electricity and the digital currency bitcoin. Our multi-commodity portfolio allows us to operate a vertically-integrated business model that is optimizing revenue while contributing to the growth in net asset value of our underlying energy sources used for mining bitcoin.

Brox Equity plans to invest up to $50 million (USD) to continue its acquisition and resurrection of stranded natural gas assets in Western Canada where we will deploy onsite power generation to convert stranded natural gas into electricity which will be used to power our proprietary bitcoin mining data centres.

The result, reducing waste, reducing emissions, increasing net present value and creating a new revenue stream for Canada’s natural gas sector.

Watch one of our bitcoin energy sites in action. Located in rural Alberta and powered by responsibly produced energy from stranded natural gas

Request for the Brox Token fact-sheet

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Request for the Brox Token fact-sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Brox Token?

Brox Token is a digital representation of the class B common shares of Brox Equity Ltd.. Brox Token is a ERC-20 standard smart contract that is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain with coded restrictions to comply with securities laws.

Holders of the Brox Token will be able to streamline their communictions with the company on a dedicate digital platform where they can also track, monitor and receive dividend income in a more efficient way.

More detailed information can be provided by the company’s management team and in the company’s articles.

Who is behind Brox Equity Ltd.

Brox Equity consists of a board of directors, management team and operational personnel. Brox Equity has over 100 shareholders from individual accredited investors to institutional investors that make up the company’s capitalization table.

Where is Brox Equity domiciled?

Brox Equity is a registered corporation under the province of Alberta, Canada with its offices in Calgary. 

How do I invest in the Brox Token Offering?

The Brox Token Offering is only open to eligible accredited investors and is being offered under available prospectus exemptions by Windermere Capital (Canada) Inc., a registered exempt market dealer with its head offices in Montreal, Qc. Please consult your accountant, financial advisor and/or dealing representative to understand whether you may be an eligible accredited investor to participate in the Brox Token Offering.

What is the relationship between PermianChain and Brox Equity?

PermianChain is the technology services provider to Brox Equity. PermianChain provides a suite of technology solutions for Brox Equity to digitize its proven natural gas resources on the PermianChain’s proprietary digital marketplace, connecting Brox Equity with digital-asset miners seeking power sites and joint ventures. Additionally, PermianChain is the technical architect that provides the primary digital security issuance platform through registered exempt market dealers to deal in the Brox Token. You can learn more about PermianChain here.

Hear the Brox story first-hand.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a Zoom call with our board of directors to hear the Brox story.

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